Eurochef 5kg Digital Kitchen Scale: Automatic Weighing Electronic Multi Function Tare Function CK500

• Model: CK500

• Size: 17.5cm x 13.5cm x 2.5cm

• Max. Capacity: 5000g / 5kg

• Material: 3mm Tempered Glass and ABS Plastic Cover

• Contains Practical Tare Function

• Measurement: Metric (g)/ Imperial (oz)

• System: High-Precision Strain Gauge Touch Sensor

• Energy Saving: Auto-Off Function and Low Battery Indicator

• Batteries Included: 2x AAA (1.5V)

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I shop frequently at Baker's Central for years and have never had a bad experience Shopping, with returns, nor their online site or deliveries.

Raymond Hilyar

There was a manager at the store pick-up, she went far and beyond. My credit card would not go through so she had to rescan my items. She was the first person to notice that I was having a hardtime with payment. I keep on thinking about her I definately give her five stars.

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Ordering can be trying at times, store supply can be disappointing but I love shopping there! Most of the workers are so pleasant to talk to and they are very helpful. They work so hard for the customer. ☺️ For those that are leaving negative comments, we all have had a bad experience somewhere.

Bryan de Casto

We have recieved 99% of what we've requested due to shortages and have had no mistakes made to what we've wanted and have received.
I started using it for less people contact but I hope they continue this service going forward. It's a time saver and an easy way to budget food costs.

Sandy Ramos
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